Countrywide Pet Foods

Countrywide Pet Foods Pty Ltd is an established Pet Food Abattoir business, based in Northern Victoria (40 years).  We hold PrimeSafe license K43, and EPA license no. 3936, operate a safe work environment, and employ 40 full time employees.  We have been operating for 11 years under the current ownership, and there are two directors, Peter Chomley & Michael Scales.

Our services include:

  • Stock collection and removal service in Northern/Central Victoria region (Auld’s Stock Removal)
  • Kangaroo collection from Victoria & NSW
  • Production and wholesale of meat products, hides & offal. A wide range of meat products are supplied to processors, distributors, pet shops and end-users.

Contact Us

In the first instance please contact Michael Scales – Managing Director on 0418 578 815 or [email protected]